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World Series Game Four Recap

November 1, 2010

Madison Bumgarner pitched a stellar eight innings, allowing no runs, three hits, two walks and six strikeouts- leading the Giants to a 4-0 victory in Game Four.  Bumgarner posted a .472 WPA.  Andres Torres and Aubrey Huff both played large roles, with Torres doubling twice and Huff delivering a key two-run home run, which gave the Giants a 16.5% increase in win expectancy.  Torres’ double (which scored Edgar Renteria) boosted their WE by another 9.4%, and Buster Posey’s eighth inning home run essentially nailed the coffin shut.  Brian Wilson came in finished them off- and now the Giants are one win away from winning it all.

Tonight’s start features two of the best pitchers in the game in a rematch of game one- Tim Lincecum versus Cliff Lee- but in Texas.  The Giants roughed up Lee in game one, and let’s hope the pattern continues in what is hopefully the final game of the 2010 season.

One game.  We’re so close.  So very, very close.

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