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Andres Torres: Pretty Good at Everything?

June 19, 2010


As we’re getting closer to the All-Star break and past the first third of the season, of all people, Andres Torres leads the Giants positional players in WAR. At first, I didn’t think he would keep this up, and I still don’t think he can maintain this rate of production. But still, from a subjective point of view, I’m feeling bold enough to make the claim that Andres Torres is the player with the most all-around talent on the team. And what I mean by this is that Torres can do a little bit of everything. He plays a premium position (C, 2B, SS or CF) in CF (or at least should be all the time, not just when Aaron Rowand doesn’t play), plays very good defense, walks at a high rate, hits for a good average, above average pop, steals bases at a good rate, and runs the bases well. So how does it all compare to the MLB average? Let’s take a look at this year:

Andres Torres 8.6 (11) .356 (.293) 13.8 .186 (.479) 78.6 2.5
MLB average 0 .299 (.259) 8.9 .147 (.406) 73 0


The only major category (in what I view to be significant) that Torres is not above average in is his strikeout rate of 20.7%, when compared to the MLB average of 20.3% is very insignificant. As for future performance, all projections suggest that he will continue to be above average in all these categories with slight regression towards the averages in most categories.

So what does it all mean? Well, I think it’s fairly obvious the advantage of having a player who can do everything pretty well at a premium position, and the Giants haven’t had a player like this since, well, I can’t really remember. It will be interesting to see if Torres can keep up his production and be the diamond in the rough that he’s been so far.

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