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LOLineup, 6/5/10

June 5, 2010

This is so ridiculous that I’m emerging from my study cave (it’s the week right before finals for me) to list today’s lineup against Pittsburgh:

CF Torres
2B Sanchez
SS Uribe
C Molina
RF Huff
LF Burrell
1B Posey
3B Sandoval
P Wellemeyer

I cannot for the life of me imagine what sort of justification Bruce Bochy has for this lineup.  You’d think Bochy would hit Sandoval eighth because he’s in a slump, but that doesn’t explain why he’s hitting Burrell sixth after he’s hit .218/.311/.361 in his last 576 plate appearances.  Nor does it make sense to have Burrell hit in front of Posey, who has done quite well thus far.  When it comes down to it, Bochy’s put two of his best hitters in the 7 and 8 slots. And he’s putting the punchless Bengie Molina in the cleanup slot, despite the fact that Bengie has not hit been very efficient at driving runners on base…in other words, Bochy is giving Bengie a chance- despite the fact that he’s not producing- and not Pablo.  This is where his affinity for veterans becomes apparent.

I just don’t get it.  Not only is the offense looking quite poor, but the defense- with Burrell in left, and Huff in right- is horrendous.  One of my fears was that the Giants would sign Burrell only to play him every day.  Granted, this is his first game with the Giants- but I simply cannot understand why he’s being thrown into the mix so quickly.

It’ll be interesting to see what his reasoning is.

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  1. giantsrainman permalink
    June 6, 2010 10:28 AM

    Sandoval hitting 8th to take some pressure off of him in hopes of shaking him out of his slump.
    Burrell infront of Posey to not yet put pressure on Posey by asking him to hit in the middle of the lineup. As for Molina hitting 4th we are in complete agreement. Huff should be hitting there and it should not matter that the starting pitcher is a lefty.

    My lineup playing these eight would have been Torres, Sanchez, Posey (it is time to give him more responsibility but i understand Bochy wanting to hold off on this), Huff, Uribe, Burrell, Molina, Sandoval.

    • TheGig permalink*
      June 6, 2010 10:02 PM

      I’ll respectively have to disagree about Sandoval. He’s not performing like he did last year, obviously, but he’s still one of the best two or three hitters on the team. If you want to get him to stop swinging at the first pitch, I understand. But you move him down to 8th? That’s just ridiculous, maybe 5th or so.

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