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April 17, 2010

I began writing a long and in-depth post about the Fred Lewis situation and what I think the Giants should do yesterday- and, of course, the Giants dealt Lewis to the Blue Jays within an hour or two after I began writing.  You can imagine how annoyed I am by that.  In any case, I intend on finishing the post eventually as sort of a “what the Giants should have done” piece.  The weekend is a bit of a crapshoot as I’ve got quite a bit of academic work to take care of, but it’ll hopefully be up soon.  Spoiler alert: the Giants screwed up (although I’m sure you knew that already or predicted I would come to that conclusion).

-It’s nice to see the Giants off to such a hot start, but I wouldn’t  make mountains out of molehills.  We’re working with an excruciatingly small sample size and two of the three opponents we’ve faced are poor teams.  Let’s see how the G-Men do against tougher competition (as I write this, Todd Wellemeyer has given up 7 runs to the Dodgers.  Ouch.).

-Madison Bumgarner is off to a poor start, having thrown 7 innings and allowed 21 hits  and 3 home runs.  He’s currently got a RA/9 of 14.14.  Small sample sizes beware, of course, but a good start would be encouraging.  There was some grumblings about him sitting around 89, hitting 91 a few times and maxing out at 93 in his last start, which is kind of good news.  As of now I’m convinced that his mechanics are out of whack (or would that be unrelenting optimism?) and that he’ll regain his velocity at some point in time.  It feels like there has been an overreaction by the media on the topic- something that appears to be lost in translation is that Bumgarner is 20 years old.  Even if his fastball velocity never comes back and he’s sitting in the high 80’s, it’s not as if he can’t develop good secondary pitches over time and still be an effective mid-rotation starter.  Mark Buehrle comes to mind as a player with an underwhelming fastball but with good secondary offerings to offset that.  I don’t think Bumgarner’s arm slot will ever allow for him to throw  a plus-plus slider or curve, but I could the change and slurve becoming good offerings.  The deception in his arm action will certainly help his cause, of course.  And again, the kid is 20 years old.

-Bengie Molina believes his stats didn’t pay off.  Really, Bengie, just let it go.  Count your losses (all $6 million of them) and let it go.  Honestly, I like Bengie as a person.  He’s a very nice person, but he’s a sensitive guy.  But when you’re a professional athlete, it doesn’t always pay to be sensitive.  It almost seems like a foregone conclusion that he will make a scene when Buster Posey arrives in the Majors, and that worries me.  I would hope the Giants would attempt to ship him off beforehand, but I doubt that would ever happen.

-One of my favorite Giants prospects, Brandon Crawford, is hitting .360/.484/.600 in 25 AB with a 4:5 BB/K ratio, 3 doubles and a HR.  It’s nice to see a hot start by a kid that struggled so much in AA last year.

Well, that’s all for now.  Happy Jackie Robinson Day!

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