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One of Many Reasons Why I don’t want Bruce Bochy Back

October 6, 2009

Per Andrew Baggarly:

“That’s not just the only area, either. I thought as hitters that we weren’t aggressive enough in certain counts, especially ahead in the count. I want these guys to let the bats go. I thought we were late a lot on fastballs in hitter’s counts. We want to work on that too. That’s a big part of the game. Power comes from being aggressive.

“The walks issue, that’s something I know Brian touched on with our hitters.You are what you are with your style. You’re not going to change Pablo (Sandoval). That’s who he is. Bengie, he has success doing it. These are things that are going through our heads already as far as improving next year.” – Bruce Bochy

With all due respect, Bruce, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.  The Giants lead the league in swinging at pitches outside the zone (31%, 6% more than average), in the zone (71.1%, 5.2% more than average), and were second in the league at swinging at first pitches (61.2%, 3% more than average).  The Giants had the lowest walk percentage of any Major League team at 6.7%, where the league average was 9.1%.  They had the lowest on base percentage at .309, which is downright horrible.  League average was .333.

If “you are what you are with your style,” then you need a massive overhaul of personnel if you wish to compete in the Major Leagues.  Swinging at anything and everything doesn’t increase your chances of being on base.  If you’re going to be aggressive, be selective.  Otherwise you’re not going to get anywhere.

Jesus.  Please tell me that Bruce Bochy won’t be back next year.

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